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Service Center


Service Center


  • Maintenance Service

  • Component repair

  • Alignment & balancing

  • Replacement for tyres

  • Air con Service 


Maintenance Service

Get personalised care and professional service for your Toyota vehicle. We cater to all your needs throughout your entire Toyota ownership journey. With our extensive inspections carried out by Toyota-trained technicians, you are guaranteed absolute peace of mind.


Component repair

Our highly trained technicians are constantly updated with the latest Toyota technology so that they can see to all your vehicle’s repair needs. It is only here that your Toyota can be repaired in accordance with Toyota’s repair manuals. Count on us for a full diagnosis to repair your engine, components, or chassis, and be assured of reliable service and warranty* for workmanship and Toyota Genuine Parts.

Component repair services:

  • Shock absorber
  • Tyre
  • Battery
  • Brake pad
  • Engine mount

*All Toyota Genuine Parts come with a 12-month or 20,000 km warranty, whichever comes first. Labour warranty lasts for three months from date of invoice or 5,000 km, whichever comes first.


Alignment & balancing

Alignment and balancing are essential for the longevity of your vehicle’s tires and for your safety. Our comprehensive tyre maintenance service includes periodic tyre inspection, wheel alignment, and balancing.

Replacement for tyres

We protect your wheels using

– Toyota Hilux spare wheel lock 
– Toyota Hilux spare wheel lock

Benefits of regular tyre maintenance

  • Well-maintained tyres are less likely to slip on wet, winding, or slippery roads
  • The balanced weight distribution of tyre and wheel assembly also eliminates vibration to provide more ride comfort
  • A quality alignment will ensure even tread wear and proper handling
  • Inspecting your tyres regularly will increase their lifespan

Air con Service

In our tropical heat, the air conditioner is one of the most heavily used features of a car.
To ensure your air conditioning system is efficient as it can be, we highly recommend servicing it every 30,000 km.
Toyota AC Care Package
Maintenance item Recommended service interval KM (000)
Receiver drier Check melt bolt and sight glass
Compressor Check for abnormal noise and leakage
Evaporator Clean dust trapped in fin Check for leakage and find blockage*
Condenser Panel and non-panel insurer
Air conditioning belt Check for leakage and fin blockage
Thermostat or thermistor Check for wear and tear*
Pressure switch Check for proper function
Idle pulley Check bearing for abnormal noise
Piping and joints Check connecting portion for leakage
Blower motor Check blower speed operation
Condenser cooling fan motor Check for functionality and abnormal noises
Idle-up device Check for proper idle speed (850—900 RPM)
Electrical wiring Check for loose connections Check for safety gaps and wire harness on vehicle sharp edges
Air conditioning control switches Check FRESH, RECIRC, DEF, VENT
Item replacement Replace parts as necessary
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